Best Places to Buy Gothic Jewellery

Jewellery is the only part of Gothic fashion that bears resemblance to what was worn by its originators several centuries ago. It is therefore the most authentic and meaningful, and this is especially the case considering many pendants and stones attached bear magical as well as historical denotation. Finding the right jewellery however can be a bit of a bother however, and so here are a few decent online places you can hit up.

There are three criteria through which one can discern whether or not a piece of jewellery is sufficient enough. The first is physical quality, which pertains to longevity. The second is aesthetic quality, which the third is price. They thus must be solidly enduring, pleasing to the eye, and cheap in correlation to their market worth.

Online Gothic are also successful in all criteria, which makes them the Gothic consumer’s dream – or nightmare, considering a Goth’s best dreams are nightmares!

The vast array of alchemically designed jewellery available via Online Gothic is a pure sight to behold and the only downside with the store is the risk of overspending. Of particular pleasure is the Theomachia Alchemy Gothic Pendant shown below.

Decarabia enchantingly manages to intertwine Gothic fashion with Victorian and it is this feature of theirs that is most appealing. Promising and delivering quality in their pieces, Decarabia stand as proof of both eras’ timelessness.

Each piece is handmade independent British designer Charmaine and the result is an incredible level of attention to detail in her products.

The 1920s Egyptian Revival and Punk fashion are also intertwined with Charmaine’s captivating produce.

Here is a Victorian style bezel that perfectly demonstrates the delightful decor on offer at Decarabia:

Click here for a detailed view

At Claire Ogden Designs, Gothic jewellery is handmade to perfection.

While Gothic jewellery can be found in many places, it is difficult to find that which gracefully makes the wearer look elegant. The pieces at Claire Ogden Designs however do this with ease. This is to the extent where some of them can be worn and pulled off with poise by a bride (it goes perfectly with some of the dresses on in fact).

Take the tiara below for example.

The author of this article is Tahar Rajab, a young British writer. He was educated at Queen Mary College, University of London where he obtained an Honours Bachelors Degree in History in 2011. He has since gone on to write for a variety of fashion blogs.

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The Perfect Fashion Gift

Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect gift that screams fashion!
We don’t always want to buy someone a piece of clothing that realistically we know they are only going to wear once. Sometimes the way to give a good gift is to think about what’s on your own wishlist!

 ”I produced many of the images in Harper’s Bazaar: Greatest Hits and it would be fun to have my friends and family see some of my work.”
Harper’s Bazaar: Greatest Hits

This book celebrates Glenda Baileys 10 year anniversary with Harpers Bazaar. This is a great gift for fashion fanatics – a gift that will kept for a long time, in actual fact its timeless!




A watch is a great gift for someone you are close to… A watch is a gift that will remind someone of you every day that they wear it! One of the most important things to do when choosing someone the perfect watch is to carry out some research and ensure they are going to love it! Find out whether they wear gold or silver, chunky jewellery or they would prefer a thin strap, whether they are going to want to wear a huge fashion statement or they would prefer a practical watch, is it all about the brand or the technical ability and production of the watch? Check out it’s a fantastic website that contains almost every watch brand, it has a blog that gives updates on watches, which are the ones to buy!

Other great fashion gifts include, perfume, jewellery pieces, scarves and of course bags.

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What’s Your Perfect Red Lipstick?

There are so many reds! Crimson, poppy, scarlet, vermillion, orange red, wine, burgundy. The perfect red lipstick for you will be one that compliments your colouring and personality. The best thing about red is that everyone can wear it – really! It’s just a matter of finding the right red.

The perfect red lipstick Nars jungle red

1. Nars Heat Wave
This beautiful bright orange-red is perhaps the ultimate warm-toned red. Think Rihanna’s perfectly matched, practically neon red lips and nails. It comes in a satin-y finish which is neither too matte or too glossy.

2. Mac Morange
A bright orange mouth was the standout trend of Summer 2011, but it’s still bubbling away as a legitimate trend in its own right. Compared to Heat Wave, it’s a definite, no-doubt-about-it orange. This lipstick looks great worn with a bare face and a relaxed outfit.

3. Guerlain Garconne
Garconne by Guerlain is a cooler, more wintry red lip that would be ideal for a range of skintones and or someone looking to try red lips for the first time. It has more of a blue undertone that would suit pale skins and cooler toned darker skin tones too.

4. YSL Opium Red
This is a classic red with slightly orangey-brown undertone, which would make it perfect for certain shades of brown skin. The packaging is typical of YSL’s luxe approach – this lipstick would make a great birthday or holiday gift.

5. Nars Jungle Red
Jungle Red is probably as close as you can get to ‘true red’, which makes it a universal colour that could work on anyone. It’s densely pigmented and rich, but almost muted. It makes a statement but it doesn’t shout it.

You never know if a colour is going to be right before you try it on. If you wear the colour in natural light and it complements the rest of your colouring, then you know you have the right shade. As for texture and finish, matte shades are generally considered more modern and easier to wear.

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Lauren Conrad Features as Cover Girl for Glamour May 2012

A face we haven’t seen very much since she left our screens when she quit The Hills back in 2009, Lauren Conrad is back with a vengeance. She features on the cover of Glamour’s May issue – TOPLESS!

We are pretty sure that this feature is going to be the envy of every girl this Spring as Lauren shows off her slim physique along with her gorgeous smile. Inside the issue Lauren reveals all, as many of us envy her for her figure she explains how she hasn’t always been so comfortable with it herself especially as she is in the public eye.

We find out more about the Hills star’s clothing line Paper Crown and her designs which are based on a modern interpretation of a classic style for the contemporary woman.

A lot of times I tend to design for girls with no boobs because I have no boobs, but then you go a sell it and that’s one of the biggest comments: ” I have really big boobs, what do I wear?”‘

To get the exclusive inside information on Lauren Conrad, her fashion label, her life after the Hills and relationship gossip then be sure to get the May issue of Glamour magazine.


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Katy Perry Interview Magazine March ’12

Katy Perry graces the cover of “Interview” magazine for March 2012 following her divorce from Comedian Russell Brand.

Katy Perry is almost unrecognisable as she is no longer sporting her bright blue hair in this photo shoot. We certainly think she should go back to black hair! We see Katy in a new light in this all exclusive interview with some very glam photos of the pop star.

Katy reveals that she is taking a new turn with her music suggesting it is going to get a little darker than her previous releases with a different approach that will make her music incomparable.

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Most Exciting Fashion Week Beauty Trends 2012

New York and London fashion weeks 2012 have proved so far that some of our favourite hair and beauty trends are sticking around. There have also been plenty of surprises! Here’s our pick of three looks that we can’t wait to wear with our new season wardrobes.

It’s The Lips That Matte-r

top US salons

Very bright, very individualistic lip colours are thankfully not going anywhere, that’s the clue coming from the fashion weeks so far. Punchy red and fluro pink are still the favoured twin colours, but berry, burgundy and even non skin-tones like purple, blue and grey made an appearance. The unifying theme? A matte finish that’s made this trend wearable with even the most un-showy daytime looks.




Wet Behind The Ears

top US salons

Is it time for 80’s mousse? Is it supposed to be 90’s grunge slick? Is water in your hair… retro? This very cool style compliments the minimal, androgynous makeup look s that are around at the moment. You need nothing but a sharp-shouldered blazer to set it off. And eyebrows, really good, really big eyebrows! A short, razored cut would suit this style best, this one was undoubtedly created by a stylist from one of the top US salons.




The Big Blue Yonder

top US salons

Blue is undoubtedly the most seen colour in the most product-heavy catwalk looks. Make up brands released some gorgeous blue palettes late last year and this blue fascination is set to continue for 2012. Try a blue eye pencil if you want to go for a quiet but still playful version of this look. Go for a pencil with a metallic finish that will highlight the natural shape of your eyes.

Beauty trends continue to allow fashion lovers to express their personal styles. Bare-faced looks (normally created with the most carefully applied layers of makeup) and tributes to wild colour are both currently equally as loved by designers and the fashion press. There’s pretty much no excuse for not getting involved!

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Elsa Schiaparelli

1890 – 1973

Fashion has unsurprisingly evolved from year to year and as we enter 2012 with a promising line up for the run way we tend to forget those who originally inspired us to design and create… Elsa Schiaparelli was born in 1890 into a life of luxury in Rome. It is thought she was disobedient from a young age and rather outrageous in her personality. She was well travelled from a young age as she moved from Rome to London to New York to Paris. She married at a young age, went on to have a daughter she named Gogo and divorced soon after with speculation of an unfaithful husband. From thereon she commenced her career as a fashion designer starting out designing and selling sweaters. Elsa Schiaparelli is widely recognised for her eccentric designs full of personality, inspiring even many fashion designers nowadays. Whilst the “Chanel” label even reigns over most designers still, once upon a time Elsa Schiaparelli was Coco Chanel’s greatest rival – With contrasting designs they remained in the same social circles and were often compared much to their dismay. Her fame rose from her spectacular collections alongside shows – she took a rather bizarre approach to displaying her collections. Many shows were themed from sailor tattoos to butterfly effects; she even printed press releases on fabric.

One of the most inspiring pieces Schiaparelli designed was in collaboration with Salvador Dali known as The Skeleton Dress. The skeleton dress was part of the “Circus collection” it was designed as an evening dress in 1938. The dress features a padded representation of human bones which would have been frowned upon at that time for its bizarreness but nowadays we can only see it as an inspiration to the fashion world – as in current times we are seeing dresses made out of meat! The dress is really an exceptional design, like a second skin made of silk its super fitting – The dress now sits in the Victoria Albert Museum alongside many other fantastic Schiaparelli designs.

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